The Butt Lite Rally is a tastes great, less filling version of the famed Iron Butt Rally, the 11-day, 1000-miles-per-day test of motorcycle and rider endurance.

The Butt Lite Rally was created by Adam Wolkoff and the late Eddie James of TeamStrange Airheads and Minnesota 1000 fame. The first Butt Lite was held in 1999 and was 5 days long.

Adam and Eddie put on Butt Lite 1 through Butt Lite IIIII. After Eddie’s passing, Lisa Erbes, Bart Bakker and David E.B. Smith picked up the ball and ran with it, putting on Butt Lite 6IX through IX (coming in the summer of 2018).

The web archives and history of the Butt Lite Rally can be found at TeamStrange World HQ.