IBR No Draw Clarification

We always have questions on this.

The top ten finishers in Butt Lite X will be eligible for no-draw spots in the 2021 Iron Butt Rally. That means you get to bypass the IBR drawing process. Whether you must meet any additional qualifications that the IBR may impose is up to the IBR. If you finish in the top ten in Butt Lite X and you already have a spot in the 2021 IBR, bully for you. Un-used no-draw spots do not pass down to Butt Lite finishers below #10.

However, the first place finisher in Butt Lite X gets his or her IBR entry fee paid by TeamStrange, whether he or she already had a spot in the IBR or gets in via the Butt Lite top ten no-draw entry. So, another good reason to strive for first.

Applications close July 30, 2019, tick tock tick tock . . . .