Big Money Rally Bonus

Butt Lite IX actually got off the ground just about a year ago at that Minneapolis coffee shop steeped in Team Strange history, Bob’s Java Hut.

Our beloved RM Lisa was a bonus on the Big Money Rally, Riders were instructed to bring Lisa burnt ends from a select KC BBQ and pose for a picture. The extra incentive for those riders was they would be the very first to know that the starting point of the BL IX would be Lexington Kentucky.

Of course Lyle was there to oversee the festivities.

We’ve started the Butt Lite IX photo gallery where you’ll see more from the BMR bonus at Bob’s.

Is it July yet???

Light Fuse. Get Away.


Butt Lite VIII riders just before the start.  Denver, CO, July 3, 2016

Butt Lite IX riders and staff will begin arriving at rally headquarters at the Marriott Griffin Gate in Lexington, Kentucky right around July 4th.  The six-day rally begins at precisely 8:00am ET on Sunday, July 8th.

The riders will meet back together at the checkpoint in Maggie Valley, North Carolina mid-week for leg one scoring.  Then they will be off again for leg two.

They’ll return to Lexington no later than 8:00am on Saturday, July 14th.

Join us here for all the action.  We’ll be posting updates, stories, photos, videos, SPOT tracks and anything else we can think of before, during and after.

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