Cancellation of Butt Lite X

It is with much sadness that we must announce the cancellation of Butt Lite X.

We reached this decision after much analysis and discussion.   It basically came down  to our responsibilities to our riders, volunteers, and their families.   We just cannot, in good conscience, pretend that a group of over 130 people gathering during a pandemic is a good idea.   We also feel very strongly that the added pressure of incorporating the additional safety measures into what a rally rider must normally deal with is unrealistic and potentially dangerous.   Attempting to navigate the various restrictions that can change at the state, county and city level will be nearly impossible, especially when considering the states that have travel restrictions specifically from Kansas.

This was to be a huge celebration.   We had a hell of a rally planned for you. And we are each grieving the loss of our last rally as a team.   We have grown extremely close over the last eight years.  With each Butt Lite, we strove to provide each rider with an amazing experience that would challenge you to think about where you were going and to feel various emotions once you got there. That was the vision of Eddie and Adam when they started Butt Lite and we have always worked to keep it that way.

Riders will be hearing more from us in the coming days.

Many of you have asked why we do not just postpone Butt Lite X until 2021 or 2022.   That is not a simple question to answer. While there is a myriad of reasons, we will leave it at this – We had all agreed that after Butt Lite X we would be done.   Each rally is a two-year project that takes precedent over everything in our lives.   If we were to take this out another two years we would basically have to start over.   Each location would have to be rechecked, hotel contracts would have to be re-written, riders would have to re-register.   We are not going to do that. As sad as this is for all of us, Butt Lite X is the rally that never happened.

The irony that Butt Lite X would be taken out by a global pandemic would not be lost on our mentor, Eddie James, and it is not lost on us.   That little bit of sick humor eases the pain, but just a little bit.

With much sadness,

Bart, David & Lisa