Comments on Leg 1 Home Edition

We didn’t really want to single anybody out, good or bad, for their routing in the Home Edition, because the planning is so divorced from the execution. We do want to single out Team Lahman for their commitment to preserving the illusion of being in an actual rally, for submitting a score sheet with errors on it (correctly lined-out as per the rally instructions).

As for other submissions: as always, riders wrote down the wrong bonus code and misadded points. Even when the scoring table is virtual, riders drop points there.

One rider submitted an audacious plan that would have put that rider into the lead on leg 1, if that rider could have executed the plan. We don’t think it was doable, and if it was, would leave the rider too burned out to do well on leg 2, but we’ve been proven wrong by riders before, and this rider is one who has shown the capacity to do it. Unfortunately, on the score sheet this rider submitted, the rider claimed several bonuses that were part of combos, but didn’t write down the combo codes. At the scoring table, that omission would have cost about 7500 points and would likely have converted a huge lead into a third-place ride.

On leg 1 there were several routes submitted that potentially would have been around 27,000 points. What would have happened, in the real world, with snow, fire, wind, heat, and disease, we’ll never know.


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