Are We Going To Need Our Coffee Mug?

One of the many sad things about not having this rally is that none of us will get a Butt Lite X coffee mug to complete our sets (I’m looking at you, Rick Miller). Here at TeamStrange World Headquarters we drink out of Butt Lite mugs every day. Jim gets Butt Lite IX, while I get Butt Lite VIII. It keeps us from getting confused.

At this point we would be finishing up our dinner. And I am certain that between the three of us, we would have been asked at least a dozen times, “Are we going to need our coffee mug?”

The age old problem of Butt Lite riders is, do I worry about finding a nice, safe, cushioned spot on the bike for this stupid mug or can I pack it away with all my other extra stuff and store it at the hotel? And if we don’t need it on leg one, will they trick us again and have a bonus for it on leg two?

We always say, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

When you’re planning your pretend ride, I suppose you can have the mug with you or not. Either way, you’ll probably be able to get the points.

That’s how kitchen table rallying works.

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