Finisher Photos

The photos of the finishers are now up in the Butt Lite IX gallery here. All the photos in the gallery are available for download for personal use. You can either right click to save or use the download button in the lower right corner when the image you’re interested in is selected. It’s always great to credit your photographer and a link back to the blog is a nice idea too.



Finish Banquet

Let the festivities begin!

Buy’n swag to help Arlene.

The endless line for the bar.

Um, yeah, Aussies.

Buy’n swag to help Arlene.

Mariah Thompson, the youngest participant ever in a Butt Lite, had many riders sign her flag.

Rally HQ was dog friendly.

Lyle guarding the finisher plaques.

The top ten, minus one.

The ladies of Butt Lite IX.

A very weary Jim Owen thanks rally master Lisa Erbes.

Greg Lenentine got a special finisher award from his wife.

All the photos are, as always here.

The finisher head shots will be done in a day or so, I need to get home 😉

The Riders are IN!

All riders are in or accounted for, there are some bumps and bruises but for the most part all the riders are okay.

Eric Bray in with time to spare.

Thumbs up for a fun ride.

Last rider in, well into the penalty window but still smiling.

Jim Owen arrives with 2 minutes to spare before penalties.






Lined up for scoring.

Bart checking on a question from Coleen McPhee at the scoring table.

Lots and lots of thumb drives.

Scoring in full swing.


Now we wait to see how everyone did. All the photos from this morning are here.

Kleenex Alert

Ron Messick, headed for the bonuses in the NE right from Maggie Valley picking up very few bonuses along the way, he was on a mission. He sent this text to the rally staff.

“Pete’s at Acadia, Cadillac Mountain. I put him as Far East as I could. I figured he wouldn’t be happy unless he was FIRST! I didn’t know Pete well, but I knew enough.

I’m baulin’ up here, got to Rally on.”

Cadillac Mountain is the first spot to see the sunrise on many days every year. Pete will now see that sun come up before all of us, he liked to be first.

Photo Gallery Updated

A few bonuses I caught along the way… And the photo gallery is updated here.

6) Bloomfield, KY LOV Daylight 70 points

In 1821, to avenge his wife’s honor, Jereboum Beauchamp murdered Solomon Sharp. Beauchamp’s wife, Anna, refused to leave his side while he was in jail prior to his execution. Anna smuggled a knife into the jail cell which they used to stab themselves. Anna bled to death; Beauchamp was rushed to the gallows to hang before he could bleed to death. They are buried together, entwined in an embrace here in the old Bloomfield Cemetery (now part of Maple Grove Cemetery).


45) Rosine, KY BLM 24 hours 190 points

Bill Monroe invented bluegrass music. He was born near Rosine, was raised here by his Uncle Pen (the subject of one of Bill’s most famous songs) and is buried in the town. Every Friday, there is live bluegrass at the Rosine Barn Jamboree here. On the barn there is a large bronze disk honoring Bill Monroe.


76) Leipers Fork, TN W12 24 hours 126 points

This monument memorializes War of 1812 soldiers buried along the Old Trace. The Natchez Trace served as an important route to move troops for the defense of the Gulf Coast region. Tennessee volunteer cavalry under the leadership of Andrew Jackson marched down the Trace to Natchez in January 1813. Following the victory at the Battle of New Orleans, most Americans who fought the battle returned home on the Trace.

42) Huntsville, AL BAK Daylight 240 points

Miss Baker was an ill-tempered squirrel monkey who in 1959 was placed in the nose cone of a rocket and blasted 360 miles to the edge of space. Her companion astro-monkey, Miss Able (a Butt Lite 7 bonus in Independence KS) died soon after but Miss Baker lived a long and pampered life. One Tranquility Base, near the entrance to the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center. Miss Baker’s tombstone stands among some trees just outside the main entrance to the Space Center, with a much smaller marker for her husband, Big George, nearby.

Leg One and checkpoint Photos


Early arrivals at the Barbor Motorcycle Museum.


John Harrison helping out at Barbor with Paul Pelland as the bonus.


This is what the Worlds Toughest looks like Lynn Carey with a damaged knee refuses help and walks all the way across the Barbor museum to collect big points.


An LD bike at Barbor. Who’s is it??


Hiking through the museum to collect the Paul Pelland bonus.


Eddie’s bench and the Atlanta skyline. Three of these Dr Peppers bottles are incorrect can you tell why?


Good receipt!


Riders arriving at Maggie Valley.


Riders arriving at Maggie Valley.


Riders arriving at Maggie Valley.


The scoring table.


The scoring table. Does this look like a lighthouse to you??


AM riders meeting, y’all hush.


The photo gallery will be uploaded when I reach a sufficient internet connection.

The Rally Red Wagon

Not to be out done by the Rally Van the BL IX photog in the RRW has been out collecting bonuses too.

Not Mayberry, but it could be. BTW, none of these are real bonuses but they’re worth HUGE points.

I generally loath the east for travel but sometimes there are roads!

Riders Meeting and Banquet are Done

And all the riders are neatly squirreled away in their rooms trying to crack the nut the Rally Masters have given them.

Riders meeting ready to start.

David giving instructions.

Group photo!

Cocktail hour in full swing.

A couple of Ausies.

Southern food at it’s best!

Rally packs!!

Time to open!


Some intrepid rally riders hooked their computers to a big screen in the hotel lobby?!

All the photos can be seen here.