Kleenex Alert

Ron Messick, headed for the bonuses in the NE right from Maggie Valley picking up very few bonuses along the way, he was on a mission. He sent this text to the rally staff.

“Pete’s at Acadia, Cadillac Mountain. I put him as Far East as I could. I figured he wouldn’t be happy unless he was FIRST! I didn’t know Pete well, but I knew enough.

I’m baulin’ up here, got to Rally on.”

Cadillac Mountain is the first spot to see the sunrise on many days every year. Pete will now see that sun come up before all of us, he liked to be first.

One thought on “Kleenex Alert

  1. Thank you all for sharing! Pete was definfinatly a competitive one, if the goal was to be 1st. He also wanted the best finish for everyone else, and would do all he could to encourage and support the LD riders.
    I’m so grateful to still be surrounded by the LD community.

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