Brief update

We had reported the Schlemans as being out of the rally with mechanical issues on the brand new Gold Wing but they got it sorted out (bad battery) and got to the checkpoint on time.

John Frick and Rick Snyder may have planned their route with an ulterior motive, because we heard that they stopped off at the BMWMOA rally in Iowa in mid bonus hunting. John seems to be having a good time because he hasn’t called to yell at us this time, yet.

Bruce and Adrian Scudella have withdrawn for non-rally related reasons. They’re veterans of many Butt Lites and we’re sad to see them go.

Ian McPhee’s R1100RT blew it’s final drive (how often have we heard that one) but thanks to fellow IBR rider Bob Lilley, is back on the road.

The big topic for discussion after this rally will be GPS navigation, for many reasons which we’ll talk about later. All we’ll say at this point is, if your GPS sends you down a goat trail and we didn’t tell you you needed to be there, maybe don’t listen to the GPS




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