Registration , Tech and New Rider Meeting

Line ’em up for registration. These guys must have the same hair stylist.

Lyle, taking charge!

What WOULD Eddie do??

Tech inspections, papers please.

David isn’t quite sure.

Connie and Brant put together a great new rider meeting!

The new riders were all ears.

A not so new rider sharing some sage advice. 


All the photos from today can be seen here.

Nice Digs!

Wow! This is a lot nicer than the Two Rivers Hotel and Saloon in Niobrara for Butt Lite IIII. Riders are beginning to trickle in!

…and spa!

Golf Club and Mansion??

Plantation backdrop!

Big Money Rally Bonus

Butt Lite IX actually got off the ground just about a year ago at that Minneapolis coffee shop steeped in Team Strange history, Bob’s Java Hut.

Our beloved RM Lisa was a bonus on the Big Money Rally, Riders were instructed to bring Lisa burnt ends from a select KC BBQ and pose for a picture. The extra incentive for those riders was they would be the very first to know that the starting point of the BL IX would be Lexington Kentucky.

Of course Lyle was there to oversee the festivities.

We’ve started the Butt Lite IX photo gallery where you’ll see more from the BMR bonus at Bob’s.

Is it July yet???