Butt Lite IIII

More history of the Butt Lite rally, this time Butt Lite IIII, from 2006.

Oh the joy of doing tech inspection and riding an odometer check in the rain. Might as well get used being wet.

TeamStrange rally HQ. They must have known we were coming.

John had the rally van packed and ready.

Wait, who was in charge of printing the rally books for Leg 2?

I have no idea why we stopped for this photo.

We’ll bet your coffee’s attitude doesn’t beat the attitude of the rally staff.

Checkpoint in historic Tombstone Arizona.

Motel and Convention Center.

The convention facility was actually this house across the street.

The infamous Schieffelein Monument outside Tombstone. We did say they might be some sand in the road.

Some sand.

Might be rocks too.

Someone did more off-road riding than he would have liked.

Assorted rally bikes in Tombstone.

Rally staff waiting for the next victim.

Are we in Atlanta yet?

Don’t make me come back there!

A favorite TeamStrange bonus.

Some people have no respect for history.

Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s SuperRallymasters.

Rally staff having fun.

Old Chain of Rocks Bridge on Old Route 66.

Sure is a long walk out to the middle of this bridge.

Umm, isn’t this a pedestrian bridge?

Nice view of the Mississippi.

Old Sourpuss Jim Winterer being his usual sullen self.

Usually riders aren’t this happy to see the rallymaster.

It’s a longer walk back.

Riders arriving at the finish in Niobrara.

Somebody read the instructions and got the bonus with Lurleen.

Work of master pinstriper and rally bonus Steve Kafka.

Scoring in luxurious Rally HQ.

The infamous Waffle House receipts.

We never did catch up to this rider to find out who it was, but he or she was headed home.

One thought on “Butt Lite IIII

  1. An armchair rider here! (Well a “vet” of two Butt Lites anyway). Looking out for all my mates particularly the Aussie ones (and the Aussie turned Yankee). Ride well, be safe and have fun… Tears here!


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