Just Me & The Rally Phone

The first 24 hours is now over.  All in all, it was a quiet day.  Spending the night with the rally phone can be a surreal experience.  Getting woken up at 3:30 in the morning from a very deep sleep and attempting to sound coherent when a bonus isn’t where it’s supposed to be can be challenging.  Kind of like when you’ve had a few too many adult beverages and you are attempting to act completely sober.  Not that any of the rally masters would know anything about that.

Quite a few riders have made the trek out to Broken Bow, Oklahoma to take a photo of the Whispering Giant only to find that the giant isn’t there.  Luckily there is a nice monument of three broken arrows that will surely make a lovely photo.  Yes, the rally masters are capable of making a mistake.  Even after untold reviews and edits of the rally book by three sets of eyes, stuff can happen.

We’ve had a couple of camera issues – like Rider #1 has lost his already.  With all of his Day One bonus photos on it.  He is sad.  Nothing like finding a Wal Mart during a rally to replace an important tool (not that I would know anything about that either).  He plans on buying all of them (see below) but quickly noted they don’t take AA batteries so now charging the new camera has been added to his “to do” list.


Another rider is sad today because he forgot to change the time zone on his camera to Eastern time.

And there is the No Social Media Rule.  They can give up caffeine and alcohol before a rally but asking them to give up Facebook is just way too difficult.  Someone is going to be sad about that too.

The rally van continues to rack up the points with a stop at the happiest place on earth.  We don’t think this Kentucky branch of Casa Bonita has cliff divers though.


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