Data analysis from the start

86 motorcycles and 94 riders started Butt Lite IX.

The lineup of brands is:

BMW 34
Honda 22
Yamaha 12
Triumph 7
Harley-Davidson 3
Kawasaki 3
Aprilia 1
Can-Am 1
Ducati 1
Indian 1
Victory 1

The high-mileage and oldest bike is Rick Snyder’s 1995 BMW R1100GS at 286,585 miles, followed by Rob Carlo’s 2011 Harley-Davidson Road Glide with 212,431 miles that somehow managed to pass the sound check.

The low-mileage and newest bike is Dylan Spink’s 2018 Honda Gold Wing with 810 (!) miles, followed by Ryan Rahjes’ 2016 Honda Goldwing  with 1398 miles (at least that’s what the odo says).

The average starting mileage is 59,328 miles. The motorcycles in the rally taken together have already gone over 5 million miles (5,102,265 to be exact).

The single most common model in the rally is the BMW R1200GS, 13 of them.

This year’s exotic bikes are Karen McCauley’s Can-Am Spyder (with 108,293 miles and two-up with Mariah), Yancey McCauley’s Indian Roadmaster (a late replacement for a V-Strom), and Kurt Worden’s Versys 300. There’s also Raven’s Aprilia Caponord, Jim Burriss’ Victory Cross Country, and Adrian Scudella’s Honda Gold Wing trike, which might be exotic to some, but they’re veterans and old friends to Butt Lite.

Then there’s Corey and Brian Nuehring who look identical and ride Yamaha FJRs that look identical and have the same license plate numbers from different states. That defies analysis.


10 Hours In

We’re not even 10 hours into the rally and we’ve had the first report of gear left behind at a bonus (a clear face shield in a bag, which someone will be wanting when the sun goes down shortly), the first flat tire (repaired and back on the road), and the first road closure that blocks access to a bonus location. And already Bart is yelling at the Spot tracking page “What are they thinking? Where are they going?”

It looks like Missouri is a popular destination today.

Photo bonus clarification for riders

This question was asked on the Team Strange Discussion Board, and is worth clarifying now rather than just before (or during) the rally.

Question: The rules say that cameras are permitted. They do not say that phones are not permitted. If I take my bonus photos with my phone, and transfer them to an SDHC card pre-scoring, does this properly satisfy the rules of photo submission?

Answer: Uniform Rule 11 K says “All digital photos submitted for scoring shall be in the format as originally recorded by the camera, with no post-processing, editing, manipulation, alteration, cropping, resizing, or enhancement applied.”
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Butt Lite IIIII throwback Wednesday

Some throwback to Butt Lite IIIII and life in the Rally Van in 2008.

First thing to know is that the Rally Van also competes in the rally but it’s a terrible cheater. The Rally Van collects points for visiting bonuses, for driving near bonuses, for visiting bonuses that aren’t bonuses but should be, and for visiting bonuses from other rallies. All this cheating means that by the end of the rally, the Rally Van usually gets kicked out of the rally.

First bonus was the Forevertron in Prairie du Sac WI, which has been a bonus on many rallies. Points awarded.

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Following the Magenta Line

Electronic tools make it easier to navigate on rallies (and so we’ve had to make the rallies harder). However, the Butt Lite team encourages you to use common sense and maintain your geographic awareness and think for yourselves. This is an actual route that was chosen by an actual routing program this week. (It has nothing to do with the rally so don’t get excited that any secrets have been revealed). If you just followed the magenta line or the voice in your earphones, it would not be efficient. (It’s only an extra 270 miles or so).

Bad route